Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Laurie Allyn, Dreams do come true...at any age.

 Laurie Allyn, In Her Own Words

It seems that I have spent a great deal of my time - maybe MOST of my Life- looking backwards. Funny, even the cover of my CD suggests this…
The promising career - a culmination of exciting and heady opportunities that had begun when barely out of my teens came to a screeching halt.  Before it could be released, the album that was to launch me truly into the spotlight of my dreams seemingly died with the record company as they unexpectedly went into receivership. 
A failed marriage and baby daughter required a new direction.  Where once I had perched on a piano, under a crystal chandelier and a tiny blue spotlight - had headlined at prestigious supper and jazz clubs, I now felt I was living the torch songs that I had loved to sing. 
The girl interrupted became the woman resigned.  A new life evolved - not an unhappy one, just one not quite complete when the 'what if’s’ whispered. Fast-forward nearly 50 years.  Fate rewarded my faithful persistence, when quite by accident I discovered that another record company had bought the entire Mode catalog, my unreleased album included.  The new producer was delighted to complete 'the set' and 'Paradise' was released in 2004.  I felt I was a ghost at my own past as I listened to those raw cuts from 1957. 
Oddly, it was not exactly closure but more corroboration of a lovely and exciting time in my Life.  
It HAS encouraged me to want to sing again - new songs of hope and love found. 
My paths and detours that have led me to this present day have taught me that Life can and does hold many blessings.  Not always what we may have planned but more often than not we do receive what we have needed.  And too, once in awhile our persistent knock is answered and the door opens to 'dreamsville'.  We then can loosen our tight grip on that dream completed and send it up with our blessings and our gratitude. 
-Laurie Allyn

I heard Laurie sing when I researched her info on CD Universe and I was so impressed that I bought Laurie's CD for my dad for this Father's Day. I will also buy one for myself.  Her voice is so gorgeous, like her, in every way.

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  1. Laurie is beautiful! The celebration of a new direction. The Style Crone

  2. i don't know why i don't make sure i visit this blog after "good morning, universe" to remember what is important in life. this is a gorgeous story of hope, renewal, and the power of self-esteem.

  3. A truly wonderful and inspiring post!

  4. I so loved reading Laurie's story! It absolutely made my day!
    How important it is in this cynical age to remember the Truth that Laurie's story serves testament to: Never Give Up, Never Give in, Never Give Out-- Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it and our greatest good could be right around the corner if we only persevere.
    Miracles still DO happen.
    Thanks Robbie- and Laurie- for this timely reminder.

  5. I am touched and honored to read Laurie's story. What a great lesson about the joys & pains, hopes and dreams that make up a life. I am looking forward to hearing that golden voice. Thank you, Robbie, for such an inspiring post and thank you, Laurie, for sharing your story. Best, Wendy Collett

  6. What a beautiful account. Makes the waiting worth the while...

  7. I loved this ...our dreams are forever and always..beautiful words from a beautiful lady.

  8. Thanks for the info on Laurie! I have to get this album now. I was researching Stella Castellucci who plays harp on it.

    1. Edgar! I just saw this. Yes, getting this album is a must. You will love it. Her voice is haunting and beautiful!