Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Peggy, beautiful and wise then, beautiful and wise now.

 One of the things I love about my work is that it connects me with other people and their
stories and memories of their grandmothers, mothers, friends, aunts and whoever has touched
their lives.  I had the pleasure of meeting Peter through one of the recently published 
articles about Beauty and Wisdom and offered to share his mom with the viewers and readers
of the Beauty and Wisdom blog. 
This is Peggy from her wedding  day in 1957.  She never had any wedding photos until her son
Peter, found a box of slides in the basement that she had never seen. They were too poor to
afford a photographer, but someone had taken photos and they were forgotten.
Peter's father passed before ever seeing these.
 This is Peggy now in a photo taken at Peter's wedding in may.  Peter pointed out that 
his mom was the one smiling.... but it was obvious that this was the same woman 
from the earlier picture, with the same spirit, same smile.... beautiful... and wise.
Thank you Peter for sharing your mum with us!!