Sunday, February 24, 2013

The nature of things...

I have had the flu for the last week.  I have never been  a good patient, restless and wanted to jump the gun and get up and go.  In the past, this had led to mono and pneumonia... when I was much younger.  I've been a good patient, until today.  I let myself feel pressured or insecure about not being 'up to par' not being able to 'perform' my house duties and being able to do my 'work.'  However, I think this week has been a gift... it has been a vision quest in that I have had to relinquish the do-ness of my life.  And, I am beginning to get that whenever I am doing to much and negating what is really important that it feels really bad and I get a sense of misalignment.  Then, I remember that where I am is right where I'm supposed to be, for today and that there is a world out there full of beauty and nature, both of which I am connected to. So even though I feel like a zombie, I'm going to go sit somewhere out in nature, in the sun, and heal and tap into the wondrous energy that is always there, waiting for me to tap into.  All I have to do is look at the water and Big Sur.... and breathe a little deeper to remember that nature is always there... big and loving and part of me.

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