Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 4 - Good for my Art & Soul

Yesterday I had the most wonderful day.  After dancing in my kitchen (see yesterday's post)...  I met with Jeanie Madsen, owner of the amazing Jeanie Madsen Gallery here in Santa Monica.  Every now and then you meet a kindred spirit and she is one of them. We went to Bergamot Station and perused some galleries and had lunch.  It was such a treat to take in other people's artwork and to hear what Jeanie thought from a gallery owner's perspective.  She would throw out ideas about certain pieces that blew me away... little nuances that would enhance a piece beautifully... not change it.  

It's so easy to get comfortable in my bubble and not venture out of it.  Yesterday, I was reminded of how crucial an ingredient it is, to get out and soak up the work of others and feed my art and soul.   I loved seeing Dan Shepherd's work at DNJ Gallery  along with Dale Johnson's work By The Sea.  All of the art, whether I liked it or not, was wonderful to see.  Don't shoot me for making yet another comparison to music but...  It's like listening to a lot of music and absorbing it all and then what comes out is a combination of all the different sounds that made an impact on me.  And another comparison for writing... the adage -if you want to be a good writer, than read voraciously.  It's this aspect that I miss most about formally studying with a professor... I used to love reading the articles assigned and going to exhibits and then writing about what I saw and how I interpreted it.

Just being in the galleries refueled my desires to have my own work exhibited in galleries and museums... I let the energy fill me and when it came time to have lunch at the amazing Bergamot Cafe I could hardly eat!

Yesterday was a wonderful gift and I consider myself extremely blessed to have shared it with such a beautiful and inspirational woman.  Today's image was actually taken in one of the galleries yesterday.


  1. and i consider myself blessed to know you, love and admire your work, and be inspired by your tenacity.

  2. Thank you Honey. It's such a gift to be part of such a supportive community.

  3. These outings remind me of Julia Cameron's "artist's dates". I am employed as a professor of creative writing and I see so much creative work done by my students, many of who say they enrolled in order to have a task master. I often wonder who my task master might be...

  4. Terri...Thank you for sharing that. I often believe that I am a better student for others (teachers) than myself... always needing to strive for my coach. Guess, it's time for me to be my own coach... darn it! ;-)