Monday, September 13, 2010

Verlie Boyd, Beauty Queen

Verlie Circa 1965
Verlie, 18 Years old
Tamera, 2 Years old

My Grandmother, Verlie Maude (Brookes) Boyd, opened her Beauty Shop in 1950. Died in 1984 and had been retired for just a few years. (1908-1984) I handed her pincurls and rollers on weekends over the years (as a child) and actually learned how to cut hair by watching her. I still cut my husbands hair to this day. I cut my son's hair, (21 and 23), until they were in their teens.
My grandmother would put cold cream on her face every evening before bed as a beauty ritual of sorts and I used to watch her in the mirror thinking she was so old and so beautiful and I loved her wrinkles (I think she was about 50 then~~OMG! Hah) I am 53. What I learned from that though, was that self care and appreciating yourself as a woman was not only good for You but for all those around you.   -Tamera Boyd Hays


  1. Thank you Tamera for sharing your amazing and beautiful grandmother with all of us! Such a gift! Robbie

  2. I feel so honored and Blessed and Yes she was a true Queen of Beauty! She had a town full of "Regulars" who counted on getting their hair "Done-up" just right once a week everyweek for years. Bonnie Clerk was 90 and still came for her "bluish dye pin curled do" until she couldn't anymore and then my Grandma went to her! She actually made house calls until Bonnie passed away. The stories and sharing that went on in there was my first experience of a "womens circle" where women were listened to, up lifted, and supported through the events of life. My Grandma intuitively knew about discretion and valuing the trust these women friends honored her with....I saw that..I learned from her that sometimes a silent hug and just "Being with" was all One need "Do"...I think that is true Compassion, and what is more beautiful than that?
    Thank you Robbie. You've Blessed me and my family so.
    With much love and deep Gratitude ~Tamera

  3. I can picture it...and I was privileged to see it first hand in rural Alabama and some other beauty parlors on the road trip. The camaraderie was astounding...true connection and devotion! Thank you again, Tamera and Verlie!

  4. I'm honored and blessed that Robbie and Tammy connected to share the beauty of people of all ages and their loving story - thank you to both of you - In love and light

  5. Thank you Robbie and Tamera. This is such a wonderful tribute. Verlie Boyd was obviously beautiful inside and out, just like her granddaughter. Not every little girl would have soaked up all of that wisdom at the beauty shop. Tamera,you've done your grandma proud!

  6. Many Blessings to you both ~ as they continue ~
    Thank you for sharing Tammy ((( LOVE )))

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and Silvia- for the beautiful connection! Robbie

  8. oh wow! thank you for sharing. i love the picture of you under the dryer. i used to love going to the beauty shop with my grandmother just to listen to the women talk. i remember sitting under the dryer, the smell of a perm, laughter, crying, sometimes anger lol. most of all i remember the feeling. time would stand still and i felt very safe.