Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Amara Rose Interviews - Feminine Wisdom

Here is a link to an article, "Feminine Wisdom." written by Amara Rose. It is so poignant and wonderful I whole-heartedly recommend it and while you are there, visit her website - it is a treasure trove of inspiration.

In this article she interviews a woman who at the age of 101, still runs her household with minimal help.

As a "midwife for the soul," Amara Rose offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes/CDs, e-courses, playshops, retreats, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, "What Shines." Please visit to learn more. Contact Amara at, or call: 1-800-862-0157 within the USA.

(Photo by: Robbie Kaye 2009 - "Florette" Marina Del Rey, CA)

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  1. What a great interview! So inspiring and should give us all food for thought!