Saturday, March 6, 2010

Doris & Pepe, Long Island, NY

Our mothers and grandmothers were the housekeepers, the silent partners of accounting and organizing family gatherings, the emotional anchors that we all leaned on. In their day, where else could they go to get replenished? Therapy was not popular or affordable, support groups - hardly they went to the beauty parlor, not only to have their hair "done" but to get a little TLC too, and a little love and coffee served to them and it all made them smile and feel pampered if only for one hour. It's no wonder they were so dedicated to these weekly rituals.

This is Doris with her hairstylist, Pepe.
(Doris is my mom, my anchor)


  1. Yesterday I attended a memorial for a 97 year old who had recently died. Another woman in her 90s spoke about how it was in their day. Both women reminded me of my kids' grandmother, Nana Helen, (who dies last year in her mid 90s). All those women had raised families solo - their men having either died in the war or in Nana's case, they parted - a courageous thing to do in those days, what with no social welfare. What STRONG women! They were real matriarchs - everyone in their families today honor them in deep respect - wonderful. I love the way you are honoring women too Robbie - it strengthens us all.

  2. Thank you so much for this important and beautiful!