Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gene Finney, Memphis, TN

This is Gene Finney. He works at Gould's Salon in Memphis, TN and is 81 years young. He has been working as a stylist for 48 years and still continues to do so. Gene plays the harmonica in church, on a CD and for his clients as they sit in his chair. His finger is taped because the nerve in one of them is dead. His hand went through a window as he was helping a fellow passenger on a bus. That hasn't stopped him from working, playing or enjoying his life. His energy is contagious and I enjoyed the personal concert he gave me in Memphis!


  1. This was one of my favorite videos from the trip! Is there anyway to share the video with everyone??

  2. Yeay! I will be editing the videos very soon and can't wait to share them! Can't wait for you to relive our time on video with Marilyn and Eunice too!