Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ruby, Eunice, Robbie - Memphis, TN

This summer on the road, I had the privilege of traveling with my step-daughter, friend and talented videographer, Ruby. Here we are standing with Eunice at Gould's Salon in Memphis, TN. Eunice was one of the many amazing women we encountered on our journey. I told you a bit about her before, but there is so much more to tell. She has been in business for 54 years, starting as an assistant and working her way up to hairstylist and colorist. Her spirit will light you up and you will want to be in her presence for any reason, and her clients are loyal and committed to their relationship with her. One client even gave her their car when they were moving and Eunice receives many gifts. She gives many gifts as well, as her clients will tell you. Here's a woman who continues to do what she so loves when she could easily retire. This woman is a true inspiration.


  1. Eunice was truly an amazing person! Someday I know she will fulfill her dream of writing her book and telling her story in her own words.


  2. I love this woman! She sounds like a very warm
    and sound person in body mind and spirit.

    Ruby seems like one of those shining examples of
    hard work and commitment and CUSTOMER
    relations. I bet her clients look forward to
    her smile and understanding every week!

    Great shot!!! This is such a cool project!xo

  3. Thanks Rita! Ruby is my step-daughter, Eunice is the hairstylist... but they both are truly shining examples of women who work hard and have beautiful spirit. Thank you!!

  4. I am uplifted readign about these women - yes - there are many unsung heroines quietly contributing SO much to the lives of everyone around them. And it is great to see some of these women being acknowleged in your pages.
    Radha, New Zealand
    PS I have a darling grand daughter named Ruby - nice name. It als measn a lot to me since my own dear Granny gave her ruby engagement ring to my mum who gave it to me before she died. I will be giving it to my daughter who will give it to Ruby ...