Monday, November 16, 2009

Patti & Florette, California

A place for women to connect, to talk, to share joys, tragedies and everything from the color of paint for their house to how they are getting through the loss of their spouse. They count on seeing each other the same time every week and that's a good spend time with "sisters" and shoot the breeze or tell a joke. In our generation now, we do our own hair mostly, and go to the salon periodically, not every week. I see my hairstylist about every 3 months and when I do, we talk and pick up where we left I can imagine the intimacy shared by going once a week.

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  1. I can also imagine how much TRUST there must be between these ever-evolving ladies and their stylists. An understanding-- I suppose the connections they share can bring laughs, tears outrage and just the simple exchange of 'gossip.' These weekly releases are very nourishing to an aging body and mind. Something keeps you coming back--it can't just be the hair--of course it goes deeper--maybe deeper than they can even see themselves--until someone like you comes along and points it out-- talk about getting 'highlights' ...can't wait to see the finished product~~beautiful-- Rita Ross